My Jaded Heart

I was lost in a premonition 
Of falling into a sea of clouds
That were tainted with a toxic illusion of tattooed memories 

Foolish to think that I had a grip 
On the layers of mishap
That departed from my reminiscing mind

I clasped with unyielding doubt
And stood grounded to a bottomless pit of misconception 

For all I saw was shattered pieces of who I was
While be knowing lost to who I could be
So, I reached for these broken shards 
To further understand the weight of my own eluding sorrows

But they were misplaced 
Along with my ideas of sanity 

Jaded and slowly fading  
I laughed at my own misery 
And realized that the clouded illusion 
That I had fallen into 
Was the weakness of my own heart

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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