Faded Memories

It's hard to find the words I would like to say 
Because as a man that can captive his emotions
And use them to create poetry 
Requires him to believe that
He has such a thing as a heart 

Yet the only source I seem to have 
Is an endless void of fading memories 
And shattered fragments of what was lost 

So, everyone in my memories that I have ever loved
No longer has a face 

Leaving me with no emotions or regrets 
Not even anger is felt 

For I believe that the animosity that would have been held 
Was swallowed by the emptiness that I had given into

Tell me what is a man that has no sense of his own heart 
What is a creature that can not even validate his own purpose 

Am I truly that misguided in my own self pity 
That I can not  remember
What it was like to see her smile 
To hold her hand 
Or even to look into her eyes

I must be broken 
But since I can not recall anything 
i guess It's not so bad

Maybe i'll wander 
Until I can find new memories…

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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