Inner Thought #1

With a smile I could hide my sorrows 
And with the acts of kindness 
I could hope to repent for my countless sins

But even with these gestures 
Persistence was only given
To those that could endure an endless road

For vanity screams in the society of our world
And I linger in this fruitless garden 
So that I could bring joy to those that suffer

Still at times even I will give way to temptations
Because the flesh is weak
And the heart can be a bit naive 

However know
That one day before the time of my death 
I will leave civilization, Never to return

While by that time
I will give the ones that I love the riches of man  
Yet I hope they will cherish more 
The peace that I will show and love that I had given unto them.

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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