Blinding Insight

Where am I going 
And why does God 
Only know the universe's plan for me 

Do I sit and wait for his almighty hand to guide me 
Or do I grab a hold to my own self proclaimed destiny
For I do not see my fate written in the stars

Nor do I see my fleeting life 
Being held to the way of eternity 

Troublesome is this blinding insight 

But  where do I go from here 
What is my next chapter in this hell scribed life of lessons
And what message whispers in the unspoken wisdom 
That breathes in the air  

Searching for a lifetime 
Could be one of my greatest sins
Instead of enjoying the ways of the world 

Yet I want to know lies beyond 
The beauty of heaven's mysteries 
Even if nothingness is my answer
It will be a nothing that I am not ignorant to.

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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