Esto Perpetua ( Let It Be Eternal)

 Sculpted by the same hands that fabricated 
The celestial stars that hangs in the night sky
I am forever mesmerized by the masterpiece that stands before me

A work of art that always leaves me in wonder and speechless
Harboring the ability to strip away my ability to define such beauty

For when I look at you time becomes a forgotten god
That bears the same markings of a fallen angel
Yet you hold divinity in your right hand
And your touch to the world is that of a blissful angelic embrace

Therefore tranquility be stills my soul
As if you were the eye of a majestic storm
As well as the sun with no moon to eclipse your imperial seraphic light

Hence you are ambient in your own illuminating way

I ask
How cruel and merciless was The Father
To not show mercy to the hearts of man when he created you,
For what I see in you is benevolent
And as a consequence I fear for my weak and vulnerable heart

So this is a token of my aspiration
Thus my undying admiration
A dedication towards you
A living Fur Elise.

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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