A Night Owl's Kiss

Lets peer 
Into the hideous, marauding, discord of my feeble, and wrechted mind 
As a prelude towards a sinister gesture 
An invitation that beckons the enchanting dance of a dark waltz

For beauty plagues a charming volvere 
Although it also,
Seems to taint the realms of my nocturnal dreams
Which in lies scarlet petals that were scarified to the forgotten 
And evermore to the emerald irises of the woman that I could have loved

Much like the broken beacon bound by my devotion that is forsaken, but beside it
A night owl stares infectiously within the grips of my slumber
A creature who had no fear towards a ghostly raven 
Whom of which cried of an echoing terror, haunting with the words of  “never more”

Subsequently so is this vangaurding vagabond.... yet,

Fibonacci Fibonacci rings admist my ears 
Manifasting itself in all
As the gold means to our fading existence 
Thus are these ratios of doubt  
For I too have lost my muse and my purpose to live

Therefore upon the wake of this earth 
And through the sudden pauses that mar the delicate universe 
I await  peacefully for the reaper to share a dance with me 

In view my downfall with this thorn
To what is life without the gaze of wonder 
Furthermore what is inspiration  
Hence let the red rose bloom without petals born befitting sacrilege 

As time become that of grim's
Together in time will stand

As I flirt with lady death upon this eradicating ballroom floor
Her kiss will seal my fate
One that I welcome because she is my true love...

The forbidden apple that hangs at the door of my oblivion
I will step with her in circles
For the ritual that lifts the spirit from the body
And with bliss will I lose what it means to be a mortal man
Thusly by the virtues of a night owl's kiss do I relinquish my soul

~ Paradise's Poet ~

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