La Fleur De Dieu ( God's Flower )

My belle that sits in this world
As a holy gem to the eyes of god

I ask
Where does beauty originate from?
And from all, all would say the goddess is you

The gentle flower that bloomed in eyes of man
Held forever, yet once vindicated by the scented red roses
That had been elegantly eternalized by your esoteric essence

Still perpetually a scene
Made everlasting in this garden of eden that we call life
But what a life would it all be 
Say without your noble presence  

...Perhaps one dull and full of vainty

Although you stand here 
Majestically radiant  
Blossoming with a bejeweled sunlit shine
That ripples off your proliferated purified petals

Therefore I question this riddle that follows 
Who am I 
To be blessed with a view of such benevolence 
Maybe I am dreamer dreaming  a dream dreamt by an angel or that of a saint 

Whatever the case may be 
I lavish at your wonder 
Furthermore do I pray that the heavens perceive me as such
So that this dream that I have conceived of you
May never come to its end 

Tantalizing to say the least
The enchanting enchantress that enchants me 
To you I give these words

The everlasting benevolent purified flower of God

~ Paradise's Poet ~

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