As Time Bloom

Under the silver light of the second full moon 
Lies the pages of a blood oath 
That stained the floor in a crimson ink 

And from that ink 
Destiny spun into the unfortunate fate 
That transgressed underneath the satin sun 
Though of the sun we bared not it’s light 

Shamefully we walked
As misfit to the catastrophic entities of time 
Yet with our hollow smiles we ran with pride 
Unweaving fools in tuned to the stars  

Therefore we cared not of the morn 
Nor of the sweet dawn that awaited in the twilight 
For to faded was our forte 
And the true beauty of our lives only lied within its end 

But a flower bloom in the night 
Causing me to lose all focus, So I became lost 
Lost to the enchanting mysteries of what could be 
As well as to the ideals of what the night was meant to be 

To what purpose was there to reach for life in that moment I wondered...
Perhaps to show some means of hope 
To instill in some that life is much more than shadows... Maybe

How some things become more relevant when the sun is not shining 
Like those stars or that silver sighted moon

Call it the will of a god to have such a simple thing change a misguided fool.

~ Paradise's Poet ~

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