Lost Souls

Each time I stood there
Mesmerized at the pieces of my shattered heart
As they all scattered and dance in the wind
Begging for me to chase them and to find them  

Yet how could I
When I, myself felt lost
To this agonizing misunderstood moment that taunted me 
One that was full of wonder and charm

As enchanting as the moon
But as dark as the night sky
How could I bring myself to wander alone
For that piece of me that belonged to another

I felt so weak
For anger was my only companion
And sorrow drowned my misguided soul in a sea of bitterness

Still, I endured and searched for what was not mine

Although in time it all became sort of vain
Or more so I lack the motivation
Because the memories started to fade
With the well of tears that soon dried up

Therefore, I casted away what was left of my grief
So that I could smile at the thought of creating something new
To find paradise… to find....

…Where birds may fly, and where the clouds may drift
A wanderer may wander, although one is not always lost.
Isn't it know...the way in which we tend to stumble.

Perhaps this is our imperfection, 
And it would seem life can be made more beautiful because of it

 ~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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