The Broken Sky

Break the sky 
And set a flame to all the pure white roses in view
For heaven’s hand is galvanized with a rage 
That mimics the fury of love 

Take to the stars the echoing sounds of a poor fool’s heart
One who dreams of an everlasting lavishing lily 
Dressed in the yellow diamonds that belongs to a well known beloved queen 

Whereas passion provokes his ambition 
Together with the sight of blue
A painted horizon gives off visions of turning torn tulips 
Those that tilt fate towards a fragmented twilight 

So, dance with the irises inked in gold
In light of the wonderment 
Which tends to bloom and blossom from the joys within her eyes

As a world sits in serenity 
May the flower that I have come to adore
Dare to remain as the delicate daisy of a benevolent land beyond

And although heaven may fall from that once broken sky, 
The fire that lays among these roses
Will always keep the raging fury of love red 
And my hands forever galvanized by their bestowed passion

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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