The fragmented pieces of tainted glass 
Are embedded with the lost irises of your enchanting eyes
Still, as if I was a victim victimized by a bewitching lover’s spell,
I remain enchanted by such torn elegance 

And though this perception seems all to grim for my ill-fated soul 
I will watch, without care, a thousand sunrises reflect off the brim imperfections 
Akin to the resonating pupils that had been inadequately and unskillfully instilled 

For if that noble morning star so happen to gaze across the sky 
Yet your captivating presence was no longer there
A thousand sunsets may as well consume a desolate land

With the shattered remains of that which could have been 
Together along the lines of that which should have been 


Perhaps the reason I look into your flawed yet charming echoing glance 
Is to remind myself of how broken I honestly am,
Thus this truth maybe the only fundamental view holding me to this world

Furthermore, it makes me hope; that if I can fix your divide sight 
I can believe in my own luckless tattered renewal 
A virtue that keeps me as a fool to this enchantment
But, by chance one of the more tragically beautiful things to be known

Because, a sunrise is just a sunrise
A sunset is just a sunset 
However your eyes 
Are the vision in mine that brings a tantalizing affection to my heart
Whereas even if they are riven; they are so in the most elegant of ways

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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