Burning Intensity

My passion is only rivaled 
By the edge of a sword 
Of a samurai that has yet to cut down 
Those that stand in the way of his path.

Or in the bullet 
That is concealed in the chamber 
Of a cowboy's revolver 
That waits to gun down 
Those that stand in the way of his justice. 

I sympathize not with those that give up on hope.
For our will is what binds us to this decaying world,
And in my eyes if you lack that will of fire 
Your are already dead; 
And I have no time for the dead.

But for those that burn with the black flames
Of hell's inferno; 
Set a blaze to all that is around you,
And make them see your fury.
You make them remember your rage.

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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