A Timeless Torment

What man on this god forsaken earth
Does not bear the markings of a sinner
Who among us has not endure the agony of our own self-sacrificing transgressions

I know that I am a sinner
And, that I deserve a place in the pits of hell
Under the fire and brimstone that God has promise
Moreover I wait for that day

The day of my own deserving unclaimed fate

But, through my offenses
I have seen the evils that spawned from my ill-tainted past

So with the rest of my time that I have left within this world
I seek eternal atonement
To try and make right the wrongs that I have so blatantly caused

This is no strive to go to heaven
Considering the fact, that I have lost sight of such a place
This is to relinquish the pain that I have caused in others

A timeless torment by any other name is what awaits me

Therefore, I walk unafraid, but accused
And, rightfully so, as I am a saint, although unholy in nature
Who will live zealously to restore the purity in the hearts of mankind

For, this was the mourning of the moon’s whispers
That echoed in the darkness that I came from
It was also the only thing that I saw to be angelic

The redemption of every lost and misunderstood soul
Is a God sent revelation
Left to be so ironically biblical within the iris of my mind’s eye

But,do not think I am acting upon the will of God...I am simply a man with a heavy heart.

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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